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Identity Theft Insurance, Restoration, Credit Reports and Monitoring, Data Breach Solutions
Are you risking your livelihood to identity theft? You can defend yourself, family or friends against the very personal crime of Identity Theft and fraud.

Our Identity Theft Protection Team
We've been active in the Identity Theft insurance and education field since 2001. As one of the first companies to recognize Identity Theft as an ongoing scourge for consumers and business, our team of internet, security and insurance experts set out on a mission to find the best solutions to help consumers cover and recover their stolen ID.

Identity Theft Protection For You, Your Family, Employees Or Customers
Our products, combined with the best identity theft insurance, education and restoration services, help combat the often devastating effects of stolen identities, credit card fraud and ID theft crimes. Our products are proven winners in the fight against the financial and emotional nightmare of Identity Theft.

'GOLD' Identity Theft Program
The 'GOLD' Identity Theft Coverage Program provides the only known painkiller for identity theft -- insurance and education that, for under $30 a year provides up to $25,000 in benefits backed by the world's largest insurance company (American International Group).

'ALL-IN-ONE' ID Theft Program
The most effective, far-reaching identity theft restoration program on the market -- at the most affordable price -- is now the consumer's most effective defense against Identity Theft.

Concerned that a hacker, crook or some disgruntled (fill in the blank - could even be your DWI attorney or DUI lawyer!) has hijacked your sensitive financial information -- but you don’t know how, when or where they got it? Find out more.

Safeguard your most valuable assets -- your time, your money, your financial identity -- right here, and have peace of mind in minutes.

Identity Theft And Data Breach Solutions for Business
We make it easy for companies to provide ID theft solutions to help their employees, members, alumni or clients defend against the financial and emotional nightmare of identity theft.

Welcome Insurance Agents To Our Identity Theft Affiliate Program
We welcome insurance agents and encourage them to become an Affiliate Partner.

Data Breach And Identity Compromise Solutions For Corporate Compliance
Companies that lose customers or employees' personal data must adhere to new compliance laws and regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, HIPAA medical records privacy, SEC S-P (financial records privacy) and California's Security Breach Information Act (SB 1386).

Corporate 'ALL-IN-ONE’ Data Breach Rapid Response Program
In the event of a security breach of personal data, this program provides companies with a very cost-effective and efficient way to help protect their customers, employees and members following a data breach/identity compromise event. The program also helps the company with compliance regulations, PR and goodwill.

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