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Data Breach And Identity Compromise Solutions
Data breach and database security against identity theft and ID theft fraud including stolen laptops is vital for corporate compliance issues For Personal Data Loss and Identity Compromise Events

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If one of your customers' personal data files were to be lost, stolen or your database hacked, would you know what to do next?

Would you know how to respond to that customer -- and all your other customers?

How soon?

Who else needs to be notified?

If you do nothing, what recently enacted state and federal laws might be violated?

And the fines and penalties?

Today these and other questions concerning personal data loss and ID theft risks due to a database breach, stolen laptop or other identity compromise event are more important than ever.

When it comes to protecting the most valuable people in your business, actions really do speak louder than words. That's why we've created a data breach response program that's quick to implement, won't cost a fortune and will go a long way towards minimizing the fallout from customers, shareholders and regulatory agencies.

And the fallout can be severe. Recent studies show the cost of failing to protect customers’ private data is on the rise.
  • Nearly 23 million adults received a data breach notification in 2007
  • 20% immediately terminated their account with the company
  • 40% are considering termination
  • Average remediation cost is $197 per lost record
  • Lost business opportunity cost rose 30%, from $98 in 2006 to $128 in 2007
  • Breaches by a 3rd party account for 40% of total
  • Average total per-incident costs: $6.3 million
*Source: The Ponemon Institute

And those penalties?
  • Regulatory actions from OCC, HHS, SEC, state insurance authorities, etc
  • FTC and State Attorneys General actions
  • Class action concerns
  • Fines, injunctive relief, damages, and potential criminal penalties

Would you like to know how to reduce your compliance risks and costs?

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