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AIG Insurance Company, CNA Insurance, The Hartford Insurance

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Buy ID theft and identity theft insurance coverage with credit fraud and credit freeze alerts, credit monitoring, credit report services, identity theft recovery and data breach solutions

Help Desk
Please let us know your specific help request regarding our 'Cover My ID!' identity theft products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I prefer to order by mail, or don't use an email address?
You can order by mail using our mail-in form, or through your insurance agent if they are in our Affiliate Network (can send them to our site to sign up). We process your order and mail back your Coverage Certificate and the Identity Theft Defense 'Do's and Don'ts' Guide. If ordering by mail, we will not be able to send you virus alerts or the Internet Security Awareness newsletter. Because of the extra steps involved for mail orders there is a $5 surcharge for handling.

How do I view my policy information, or get Acrobat Reader?
Your program documents are created in what's called 'Adobe Acrobat' format, which is the most widely used and universal document formats. They can be viewed using the free 'Adobe reader' available directly from Adobe by clicking (or cut and paste this address into your internet browser).

How do I get a copy of my policy?
Please email us with your first/last name and zip code. We will resend your policy to the email address provided with your order unless you request us to use another email address.

What is your cancellation policy, and how do I cancel?
You can cancel at any time. Refund amount is per Fiscal Quarter from the date of your order. Example: If you order in January and decide to run wild in the face of possible fiscal ruin and cancel in May, we refund only for the remaining fiscal quarters (July-Sept, Oct-Dec). To cancel, please email us with your policy number (if available), your first and last name and zip code.

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