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Buy ID theft and identity theft insurance coverage with credit fraud and credit freeze alerts, credit monitoring, credit report services, identity theft recovery and data breach solutions

Identity Theft And Data Breach Solutions for Business
Choose an identity theft protection plan as part of an employee benefit program to fight ID theft fraud For Employers, Financial Institutions, Associations, Higher Education Facilities

Help protect your employees, members, alumni or clients from the financial and emotional nightmare of identity theft by setting up a Group Identity Theft Defense plan today. We can provide custom packages and special pricing for groups of any size.

For companies discovering a data theft or identity compromise situation, we offer Data Breach Rapid Response Programs that can be implemented in 24 to 48 hours. Swift action by management helps protect customers and the company from potentially damaging fall-out due to a data theft or compromise situation.

Our Group Programs provide:

  • ID Theft Prevention: Credit fraud and freeze notification services, plus updates on identity thieves' methods and ways your employees can defend themselves along with tips on how to gather, store and handle personal information (their own plus the company's) safely.

  • ID Theft Education: A comprehensive guide to the 'Do's and Don'ts' about identity theft and how it happens.

  • Credit Reports and Monitoring: Detect fraudulent activity; request credit reports; educational articles along with regular credit monitoring services.

  • Expense Reimbursement: Up to $25,000 insurance benefits with zero deductible; to cover Income Protection -- Lost wages (reimbursed up to $2,000 -- $500 per week limit); reimbursement for phone, faxes, postage; notary fees; loans, grants, other application fees; DMV and credit report fees; Criminal and Civil Legal Defense fees (if not found guilty) and more.

  • Restoration Services: An assigned identity theft restoration professional is ready to go to work on their behalf to correct the credit damage should they become a victim of identity theft, which saves them time and less employee productivity loss.

    For Small Groups (1-10): You can use the online Order Form on this site and easily add people at Step 2, or contact us for special requests.

    For Large Groups: We can provide custom packages and pricing to meet your budget.

    For Data Breach or Loss, Data Theft (stolen laptop, hackers etc.) or Identity Compromise Situations: Group-wide enrollment can take place in less than 48 hours. Ask about our 'DBR2' Program at 1-866-609-3604 x 111.

    We offer two Group Enrollment methods:

    • Since very little personal information is needed (first/last name, address and email address), the enrollment process is very simple, fast and secure

    • The company makes the purchase on behalf of employees or customers as a retention or HR program, or as a value-add to the company’s existing services and employee/customer benefits

    • Enrollees receive their Certificate of Coverage, Identity Theft Defense Guide and other program benefits via email (or USPS) that lets them know this benefit has been provided compliments of their respective organization (allows the firm to say it values its constituents and is looking out for their best interests)
    • A private-label online purchase page is set up to provide the Company’s Identity Theft Defense program information along with a secure online order form for instant coverage

    • Individuals enroll themselves and their family members at their own discretion and payment method

    • Management is provided with secure, online access to real-time CRM, enrollee information, certificates, renewal dates, etc
    All information is secure and we do not require sensitive personal information (SSN numbers, etc). We do not resell or use email addresses (Program notifications only).

    For more information please contact us at 1-866-609-3604 x104 (or Send this to an Associate)

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