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Instant Identity Theft Solutions
identity theft recovery and restoration services help ID theft victims recover, with credit monitoring, credit fraud alerts, credit freeze alerts included with identity theft insurance New!
The 'All-In-One' ID Theft
Defense & Restoration Program

One of the most effective identity fraud restoration programs on the market -- at a very affordable price – is now your most effective defense against Identity Theft.
  • Concerned that a hacker, crook or some disgruntled (fill in the blank) has hijacked your sensitive financial information –- but you don't know how, when or where they got it?

  • Bothered by the possibility that someone somewhere out there might be selling your personal financial profile to a gang of identity thieves right now, last month or later this year?

  • Angry that Company X's database has been hacked without your knowledge –- and you didn't even know your name and financial details were part of X's database?

  • And now suddenly, without warning, there's a disturbing possibility you may become enmeshed in the Identity Theft crises that's all over the news. Victim number 10 million and one this year – and counting.
We're concerned about these things too. That's why we created the most effective, far-reaching identity theft recovery and restoration program available to protect your identity: the 'All-In-One' ID Theft Defense & Restoration Program. Supported by one of the largest firms in the world, the 'All-In-One' ID Theft Restoration Program provides you with:
  • Prevention:  Credit fraud and freeze notification service
  • Education:  Identity Theft Defense 'Do's and Don'ts' Guide
  • Credit Reports and Monitoring:  Three-bureau free credit report notification service
  • Expense Recovery:  Up to $25,000 identity theft insurance benefits, zero deductible
  • ID Theft Restoration:  Assigned identity theft and credit restoration professional ready to go to work on your behalf
  • Security:  Internet Security Awareness Newsletter
  • Alerts:  Internet virus monitoring and alerts

Full Identity Theft Restoration Services (with Limited Power of Attorney)
  • Assigned case worker to provide expert guidance and hands-on assistance with documentation and preparation, placement of fraud alerts with creditors and credit bureaus
  • Comprehensive notification to creditors, financial institutions, credit bureaus, law and government agencies, utilities and other service providers
  • Complete review of your credit files for accuracy
  • National credit monitoring service enrollment
  • Investigation of transfer of funds and/or accuracy on Social Security Earnings Statement (when appropriate)
Identity Theft Expense Recovery
Personal Internet Identity Coverage sm* from AIG provides up to $25,000 insurance benefits with zero deductible, to cover:
  • Income Protection Lost wages reimbursed up to $2,000 ($500 per week limit) if taking time off from work to fight for your good name
  • Expense reimbursement Covers out-of-pocket expenses incurred to resolve your identity theft case such as phone, faxes, postage costs; Notary fees; re-application fees for loans, grants, other applications; DMV and credit report fees, and other approved out-of-pocket expenses (does not cover ATM, bank, brokerage account or other direct direct cash losses)
  • Criminal and Civil Legal Defense fees (if not found guilty)
  • 24/7 Victim Assistance
  • Victim Claim Kit (which others charge $40 each)
  • Unparalleled Claims Service
  • Includes coverage for Self-Employed Individuals
Identity Theft Prevention
  • Credit freeze notification service - 'Freeze out' identity thieves from getting credit in your name! We notify you when to place a 'credit freeze' with the major credit reporting bureaus (available in states with credit freeze laws).
  • Provides tips on gathering and storing personal information safely
  • Reports on latest trends and scams perpetrated by ID Theft criminals
Identity Theft Education
  • A comprehensive guide to the 'Do's and Don'ts' about Identity Theft and how it happens, ways you can defend yourself and family, what to do in the event you may a victim, and key contact information
  • Access to online resources about Identity Theft case studies, news articles and additional assistance resources
Credit Reports and Monitoring
  • Automatic notification service for you to access your three-bureau free credit report to review and monitor for any changes in your credit profile
  • Access to resources on credit report review and credit damage assessment services
Internet Security
  • Internet Security Awareness Newsletter
  • Includes common security mistakes and current ID Theft trends and statistics
  • Third party compromise: Expectations and actions in the event your personal data is compromised by a third party
  • Internet/computer virus monitoring and customer alerts
  • Daily monitoring for any emerging Internet/computer threats
  • Electronic delivery of Virus Alerts as major viruses occur

Enroll today for the 'All-In-One' ID Theft Defense & Restoration Program, for peace of mind in minutes. And should you become a victim of identity theft, you can rest assured there's a full service team of identity theft restoration professionals ready to go to work on your behalf.

Let's get your good name and credit back!

$69.95 per person, per year
(Competing products start at around $150 annually!)

* Insurance underwritten by member companies of American International Group, Inc. The description herein is a summary only. It does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies described. Please refer to the actual policies for complete details of coverage and exclusions. Coverage is not available to NY residents, and may not be available in all jurisdictions.

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