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Identity theft protection partners

AIG Insurance Company, CNA Insurance, The Hartford Insurance

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Verisign internet identity security and fraud prevention

Buy ID theft and identity theft insurance coverage with credit fraud and credit freeze alerts, credit monitoring, credit report services, identity theft recovery and data breach solutions

Identity Theft Protection For You, Your Family Or Friends
We've partnered with some of the biggest names in the financial services and identity restoration industries to bring you the tools you need to protect your assets and your identity. Our team of internet, security, data breach and insurance experts have made it their mission to bring you the following excellent, affordable identity theft solutions.
  • Enrollment is fast and easy
  • Requires very little personal information
    (name, address, email and payment method - that's all)
  • We do not ask for a Social Security Number or other ID numbers
  • We do not store credit card numbers in our database
  • We've made this as low risk, high value as possible for you
Why wait any longer? Now is a perfect time to say 'Cover My ID!'
• Credit Freeze Alerts
• Credit Reports/Monitoring
• $25,000 ID Theft Insurance
• Virus and Security Alerts
• And Much More
• All The Perks of 'GOLD' Product
• Plus Restoration Services
• Plus Credit Freeze/Monitoring
• Plus Victim Recovery Kit
• And Much More

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